Boxing Day 26.12

Last week I made a decision to spend Christmas at home Alone resulted in sur pricing distances: on Saturday at Alko started to speak to a man of that Angry neighbor woman I was at alko to byu a cognac bottle as Christmas gift for an old man for his cold bones, He also has suffered from that Angry woman.

I made ice buckets at yard and another old lady saw that so she came to me giving me candles to be burned in the bucket, of course I couldn’t resist so we talked a lot that time while the angry woman was somewhere I don’t even want to know. Kobe oh way around her house on grace and mercy Christmas Eve I went to a shop and There was free Christmas trees for customers so I took one and now it’s standing at the yard of our House. a rental woman was delighted over the tree, just when I was decorating the tree a new rental man appeared and noted so that’s our Christmas tree. not another man for man no date so that’s our Christmas tree! The woman who last week thought let’s spend lonely Christmas together, decided after all go to spend Xmas with her daughters. this was the result of my decision to stay alone Christmas at home and so many people came to talk to me during Christmas. And here I now text alone on the net getting a single likeds to this post. Everyone is on twitter or facey.

text correction … Siri is not at her best today ha ha

Update 27.12

Visited yesterday evening at the cemetery, lighted up some burned out candles at the memorial for buried elsewhere, Boxing Day it was and my blood sugar dropped dramatically, two metering , 3.6 and 4.6, don’t understand why so.maybe I had too many neighbors around talking with me, also the cleaner of our house, while I decided to stay at home alone over xmas. Maybe kicked off from far-right website discussions, gave me some healthier perspective for life. Ten years I was a slave on net discussions. Speaking too openly of my traumas, never had a calming point, there are some threads on net to be outed some day and linked here from my past anxiety after starting to talk openly on net after one female home service supervisor noted to me ‘’that’s unfortunate but what men do?, when I outed her my grandma’s verbal incest memories.

Update 28.12

Yesterday was again a day with many social contacts and doings, listening others’ xmas happenings and .. omg those sisters ,S and S, they so friendly and laughy every time we meet. Solved also one maintenance problem with house manager.

Update 28.12.2018 13.05

I’m in a shock

Just heard a story, what my angry old neighbor woman has told our house cleaner couple years ago.

Update 28.12.2018

Year ago 30.12 city welfare head came on a shopping mall, without greeting, said to me ”to you I still say stop stalking!”

Now is yet another New Year’s Eve and I’ve been told what my angry neighbor woman has told around behind my back. In my childhood grandmother went telling Lutheran deacon and social welfare secretary of my bad habits. Now that all happens again with my neighbor woman. I’m pissed off. Now comes time when everything will stop in the way my grandmother went silent

All the good spirit I gained from this year’s Xmas, has vanished

Update 29.12 0.45

Thinking this and that, bs dropped to 3.8, dizzy feeling, had to eat, opened a raisin bag, ..