Newspaper Editor in Chief Opinion

For years I started to look at my A3 drawing collage which I made ten years ago, found this detail on it.

What does it benefit you to talk publicly about thing like this?

It was just this month when I ghanged opinions with my aggressive neighbor woman, after that the chairman(woman rushed instantly to tell him our discussion) to tell me forget those old things and let old women quirk and now, I have never written of this 10-year old incident when I confronted local newspaper editor in chief about publishing principles and he told me: ‘listen, I have 30 years experience of journalism” and and I told him what kind of experience I have so he asked me that question “what does it benefit you to talk publicly about thing like that?”.

When you look at the perspective of today what’s going on with #metoo movement In Finland particularly with the oulu case(check Oulu post). Afterwards I left feedback to the newspaper company manager and in quiet mood that editor in chief left for pension. I have left this behind my active memory and now suddenly it dropped up.

No no, nobody can say to anyone leave those things behind(whatever those things might be).

It’s merciless.

22.01.2019 Challenge of Today

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Folder Memories

Picked up from shelf boxes

Conflict with neighbor woman, asked me am I preventing her to go home? I’ll call the cops, I said fine if you wish, one hour turn later hi I went to their police station do I ask what to do now. Officer asked angrily why are you harassing old woman at the same time squad told by radio we secure the woman’s home going. I told officer my version so he urged me to go first to the house manager to settle our differences and after that police will involve. I went to office and the house manager said there’s a but how to get that woman to the office. Next morning that lady told her fiancé under my balcony so he was at the police station yesterday. Later house manager said watch out for that lady, she’s a rude with her mouth.
After sending that letter I also phoned that diacon, she denied she’s reveived a letter from me but I told her I also sent the copy to archbishop Paarma, then she started to remember. She told me ecumeny gave her permission to visit grandma.

Ecumeny gave her permission to visit grandma

OMG, there’s also memory flash, a male newspaper editor in chief telling me:
”What it benefits you to talk publicly about such a thing?” I had already forgot that.

While completed this painting in 2008, I presented it to the social center chief, she said you can bring a copy to police station, if you want, and I did so. Ten years local police has known of this life story of mine.
Context to this provincial police chief laughed last August at my new story-of-today of aggressive woman and he advised me to ignore women’s quirks.
Now has condo chairman adviced me, don’t speak anything to your neighbor woman, so everything rolls smoothly. Check out the Final Countdown post.
Advice from a newspaper editor in chief
Reaction from a social center home service supervisor, after I told her about my grandmother’s sexual aggression “it’s unfortunate but what men do?”

Complaint was based on the noting ’it’s unfortunate but what men do?’that aspect is absent on this opinion document. Word against word and the supervisor only wished all good for complainer’s life.
When receiving this secret document, I contacted the health organization manager, wher the home service had been transferred, the manager got all the documents, tod me “think this way, the supervisor showed you her belittleness. I had no strength then to go on with this case because of diabetes broke up,

All this left behind and then another woman


That woman lives next to me. Today.


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