Newspaper Editor in Chief Opinion

For years I started to look at my A3 drawing collage which I made ten years ago, found this detail on it.

What does it benefit you to talk publicly about thing like this?

It was just this month when I ghanged opinions with my aggressive neighbor woman, after that the chairman(woman rushed instantly to tell him our discussion) to tell me forget those old things and let old women quirk and now, I have never written of this 10-year old incident when I confronted local newspaper editor in chief about publishing principles and he told me: ‘listen, I have 30 years experience of journalism” and and I told him what kind of experience I have so he asked me that question “what does it benefit you to talk publicly about thing like that?”.

When you look at the perspective of today what’s going on with #metoo movement In Finland particularly with the oulu case(check Oulu post). Afterwards I left feedback to the newspaper company manager and in quiet mood that editor in chief left for pension. I have left this behind my active memory and now suddenly it dropped up.

No no, nobody can say to anyone leave those things behind(whatever those things might be).

It’s merciless.

22.01.2019 Challenge of Today

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