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Visited Oulu City website, wrote to chat:

survister checking out what Oulu speaks today.


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Final Countdown

Years fighting as a man with the verbally aggressive elderly neighbor woman next to me, police patrol defining ‘a difficult case’, provincial police chief giving advice ‘ignore womens’ quirks’, woman yelling at the house meeting ‘you’re a crooked stalker’ and ‘now shut your mouth!’, men giving me controversial advice ignore, be quiet, don’t say, react by no means, one elderly man telling ‘that woman tries sadisticly to control over you’, the year shifted with “friendly-therapied”talks with our female house cleaner, who resigned abruptly after out-and-loud criticism over how the house is cleaned. Years of cleaning criticism from that woman erupted in to verbal clash last month. I heard of that clash afterwards. and now understand the reason for five  hour long female yelling behind my wall one day early december.

Neighbor woman herself is now barricated inside her home, while I am keen to tell her some chosen words. While men give a narcissist woman expression that no one can command her in the neighborhood, the consequences are out of control. Finnish Police just admitted publicly it doesn’t have time or resources to investigate minor defamation cases . That’s why I’m now relaxed to write upon this kind of stuff.. about women and their behaviors.

When I add to this another old woman in the house from the nineties, she reacted to my “big brother” presence yelling to me at the stairs “now you little boy came cunting(to cunt = vittuilla) to wrong people!”  + ’now the house manager expells a terrorist from the house!”  + ’are you preventing me to go home, I’ll call the cops!”  

And indeed, one hour later police asked me: ‘why are you harassing an old woman.?’  

When police did nothing to me, later woman’s fiancée tried to kick me and yelled to me at the stairs: ‘I’ll manage you helluva commander to the house of lunatics!’ Then was my turn to reach police, they contacted that man and since then the man has been totally silent, I only have noticed aggression in the eyes of that man.

All this past but still one case hovers over my head, it’s the New Year’s Eve 2018, when the city’s welfare chiefess, without greeting, came and angrily told me: ‘to you i still say only this: stop stalking!” at the public shopping mall. I was so upset of that kind of official welfareness towards active feedback resident that I reported the case to the mayor, the city council and local newspaper. Since then I’ve heard only sound of silence.


This kinda social catastrophe I am 😇 ..not to mention my grandma at this time.


All this above proves I’m maladjusted to live within female society. I’m in constant mood towards chauvinism., not that i want that, but because.. so far I have managed without resorting to physical violence, one elderly man warned me before xmas: ”at that time you raise your fist towards that neighbor woman, you have lost the game”.

🕗 Is this all for a day?


Came home at 4 o’clock and met house manager at the staircase delivering releases for residents.

Update: Told her Ive talked several times with the ex-cleaner  during her last work days in our house. she was angry and i got mad also what she told me about the medling of that neighbor woman. how come ive allowed such back-knifing happen. but i don’t  care, im not the one who is to put head in the sands.

🕙0️⃣5️⃣0️⃣1️⃣2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ = pc 05.01.2019

Today I faced that neighbor woman at the yard and said a few chosen words to her(”minä en tiedä mitään sillä olen ollut poissa, kerro!” ” no jos sinä et mitään tiedä niin mitä minä sitten sinulle mitään kertoisinkaan”), afterwards no any kind of raging voices was heard through walls from her home.

  • 06.01.2019

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Next week a maintenance check-up, have to decide whether I leave my home or stay at home for that time. and if i choose to stay at home, am I speechless or not.




Invited neighbor woman to visit my home and check the uncleaness and all that stuff covering floors, shook her head and covered her eyes with hands, then we started to talk about house cleaner resignation and all related to it. The woman started to raise her voice at my home so I kindly dropped her out of my home.. tomorrow the house manager comes to check one repair at my home and ….

15.20 /3 pm Holy, shit! Am I really so bad expert on human relations, I’ve acted tand talked today while strolling in city, now I called a man and there comes ‘don’t ya involve in the cleaning process” -preaching, even when I nothing about that mentioned.

This paragraph text to be written later

Holy holy shit, now I’ve been told the maintenance check ain’t tomorrow but two weeks from now.

A peacemaker man visited, urged to ignore neighbor woman, don’t involve house life, told he doesn’t want to hear anything of my grandma incest story, and suggested there’s public discussion helpers here and there. Told him i just have to move into wilderness with neighbors miles away.

8pm Dialed public emergency help  call line, male psychic nurse said don’t ya kid we don’t welcome you here on the grounds you just Told, even denied me to enter tomorrow morning the psychic clinic waiting room to yell  ”i was asked to come here to clear my head!”

8,30pm can’t speak anything to my friends what happened to me today, not to mention I spoke face-to-face today also with the daughter of my neighbor woman, friends will bark to me how did you dare, if I tell, but no one can bark to me while the daughter was pleased that I came to tell her about recent ”incidents” with her mother. In all i’m proud i had the courage to reach the daughter, who was so sympathetic towards me as always has been.

09.01.2018 2am

Sleepless night, no sleeping pills(though  i even need them)

because of diabetes, can’t start eating

🕑 Started to eat without checking bs

4am enjoying morning Coffee110 pm

10 pm.

Woke up with a phone call, the day has been such a crisis mongering, still after yesterday evenings advice you don’t  have to reach us just because of that kinda matter, called that compny early morning and had a conversation with a female psychic nurse, well, that call ended with woman giggling when  i told her about neighbor woman’s behavior’s consequences. Again came another advice let women have their quirks and… let the  amusic play in my life

At home yesterday I was told just say hello to woman and that’s enough, today I’m thinking I’ll do the same to my advisor. Anyway when I yesterday talked with that neighbor woman, she rushed from my home with anger to call here and there to every instance and ring door bells, what I told her, her daughter laughed at me when I told her mother that house manager coming to check my home tomorrow, so she instantly asked “why?” I said to her strongly “ it’s not your business!” Daughter laughed and said: “that was well-said to my mother”.

Furthermore I talked yesterday, after neighbor woman left my home with anger feelings, this and that also with a female social worker for elderly at her office and recommended her to read new book released with name vihainen Nainen , angry woman and how I bought that book for myself. Told her I’ll drop the book from neighbors post box, social worker laughed that’s a good idea, I went on the book cost 34 €, so she said yeah maybe neighbor woman throws it instantly to trashes.

Lots of incidents today and yesterday, only police patrol missed,

Don’t ya women dare come to tell me you’re grazy 🤪 

this just one approach how men react to female aggression. 

and men don’t  laugh there, you haven’t guts to work 

with women like this 🤣

10.01.2019 8am  waking up for another day, checking the latest comment, starts with words whoah this blog is magnificent, gives strenght and meaning for life

One question hovers around to neighbor woman, ‘how far the fact, messiness of my home, has already travelled?’ To realize that in to words, asking from neighbor, , would mean another hurlumhei in my life

Updating still this: when the peacemaker left my home on Tuesday, neighbor woman was already strolling in the staircase and told the peacemaker: “My grandson attends police academy”.


MEDIA 01/10/2019 05:12 pm ET

‘Fox & Friends’ Loses It After Psychologist Group Says Men Need Better Help

A Fox contributor says new guidelines for treating men and boys have “nothing to do with science.” The American Psychological Association says otherwise.


By Sara Boboltz

11.01.2018 10 am


HSP got a hold on me this week,

I got one woman quirking
talked with men

I cried, searched for help
left behind giggling women

I survived all of this, again

Update 18.01.2018

Tänään tutkiskelen netin kautta termiä sadistinen persoonallisuushäiriö.

Today I learn more of term ‘sadistic personality disorder’,

Artikkeli Helsingin Sanomat, hs.fi

Hän hyökkää, haukkuu ja saa ilonsa toisten nujertamisesta – Sadistisen persoonallisuushäiriön piirteitä ilmenee aivan tavallisilla ihmisillä, ja tällainen se on ..

Article Helsingin Sanomat, hs.fi

He/she attacks, barks and gets his/her enjoyment by overcoming others – Features of sadistic personality disorder appear in ordinary people and that is it. ..

Lähetin palautetta HS:lle – Sent feedback to HS


Fleeing to work with blog

when all the men around advice
ignore that neighbor woman

my mission is to give women the right to yell and rant?

honesty versus deceit


Life’s been to react

heavy drinker 

before xmas one man mentioned 
the word sadistic


Driven myself into dead end. I have reacted to an aggressive woman behavior, and what now, that woman continues her life, and the chairman asked me to keep my mouth shut, our discussion went so far he suggested there’s professional help available for me to handle my life, I contacted professionals, they thought I don’t need any help in a situation like this. Then I called the house manager.

Down a pic a decade ago when earlier aggressive woman shouted are you preventing me to go home, I’ll call the cops, cops were arranging operation when I went to the police station asking them what to do now with angry woman. Officer asked why I harass an old woman, i told police my view what happened, during my explanation the squad told by radio “we secure the woman’s home going”. police told me go to house manager Office to clear your differences, this is a minor police case at this time

went and there the house manager said there’s one but, how to get the woman here. next day the woman told her fiancé at the yard under my balcony:” so he was at the police station yesterday.” That incident never was negotiated later.

Now I worked whole yesterday with my latest post, photographed all my pic stuff and now they are strolling into this blog. Found some letters and pics never added on here. Feeling I have to go and tell a male social worker: “Look it was years years ago when we talked about me writing a book, you said you’ll write it when the time is right for that, I haven’t yet written it, but look, this is my life story blog, I’m proud of this and I’m certain you are too”.

Update 24.08.2019