Pedophiling Finland

Political rage broke in Finland when middle east refugee men groomed under age girls in city of Oulu. Now silence when five Finnish men are going to justice over international pedophile ring abusing Finnish boys aged 6 – 16. Main suspect Continuing 3儭0儭0儭3儭2儭0儭1儭9儭 Leave it all behind, forget, mercy yourself, pray for forgiveness and continue… Read More Pedophiling Finland


After a happy around-the-clock birthday Party at weekend, risen on foot again. Talking relieves. 3儭1儭0儭3儭2儭0儭1儭9儭 After flashback thinking last week what the heck am I doing with my non-meaning life, life goes on.. on Thursday city mayor greeted HELLO! on the street, on Saturday city welfare chiefess and I strolled between citymarket food shelves,… Read More Phoenix