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Completing Finnish parliament election vote machine, results were upsetting, I agree 79% with the Feminist Party and 58% The Finns Party Am I rather feminist than redneck chauvinist? Hey

No wonder I was banned from Trump-loving discussion website Forum before xmas. It’s always fun when I visit commenting on


Lululle 8.3.2019

Naistenpäiväonnittelut 2019 naapurintädille
Naistenpäiväonnittelut hänelle

Naistenpäiväonnittelut 2019 kirjastoväelle!!

Edit: It’s high noon Women’s Day and chatted face-to-face with a male sgt police officer, running for Finnish parliament in April, over women’s aggressions and consequences I have faced in recent time. Sergeant’s last words were: ”Talking relieves”.


Talking relieves

🕘 9.3.2019