Therapy Session

March 11, 2019 _ Preparing for March 13 Therapy session


March 12, 2019

March 13, 2019

HOLY MOSES 10:30!!While sitting at the waiting room I started to remember what we talked in the phone last week and what was the appointed time so.. omg stress stress stress, wasn’t time next week, went to check this from the secretary and … told her stress stress so I forgot completely the week we agreed , told her it’s not me who should be here but the neighbor lady, she answered laughing: “ That’s the way women often are””. okey, there’s one week more to add stuff here.

Bought 1€ take-away tulip bouquet to cheer me up to start cleaning the house tomorrow

March 14,

Finnish folk disease:

You just.. you dont know. confront
aggressive narcissist alcoholic neighbor woman.

15.03.2019 ME QUIET?

All the time I’ve done with this post, neighbor lady’s been away from home, peace and harmony surrounds the house…

Tulip bouquet today


Finnish woman sent to prison for 9 years after stabbing her male fiance. Wrangling, drugs, alcohol, aggressive character. Aggressively behaved Finnish woman driver with 4,3 promilles arrested by police. Should I be careful with my neighbor lady? She just can’t receive same kinda feedback like she herself shouts out.

Forgotten memories of my own past while struggling with neighbor lady

20.03.2019 14.00 First therapy session over, topics: neighbor woman’s verbal aggressions, doctor meeting, police talks, regional administration decision, phone call to city administration chief not emails anymore from particular female city official, presence of this blog, to be cont.. it’s a battle between openness and silence now, me agaist female logics. i have stepped over a bridge of no return.




Finally have the courage to tell what was the event in January which ended up with me consulting male therapist:


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