Failed Emails


I wish I hadn’t received an email from a female city official last week, it resulted two replies this morning from my side

Omg, emails come and go, now I have to inform City that I don’t wanna emails anymore from one female city official.

It was the neighbor woman, of whom I was supposed to talk on Wednesday’s first therapy session and now happens this shit

Don’t blame others,
look at the mirror

Omg, now has city administration chief acted, no emails anymore

Mood is back. Met at the City center a City councilman, got him smiling with my email story.

19.03.19 The explanation train went from that particular female city official, I have the constitutional right to express my views so yesterday I drowned to a stubborn woman’s arguments and counter arguments, I realized that ain’t gonna stop this circle, so I called city administration chief to tell that city official no more emails to me from her.

Today came yet another comment suggesting about writing an ebook. And tomorrow therapy session with a man who already over decade ago told me “so you’ll write the book when time is right”. Male Doctor who suggested me therapy said you don’t need crisis therapy but a place where you can collect your thoughts in friendly environment. And yes, I’ve thoroughly spoken with that man my life story with grandma, and tomorrow I’m going to tell him now I have been surrounded by three women, neighbor woman yelling me “go to a rounded room, you’re a crooked stalker, shut up your mouth!”, city welfare chief urging at a mall “stop stalking!” and yesterday I emailed with a city official who two years ago got nervous and said at her office “are you threatening?, go to a professional helper”. Omg those women.

And omg my encounters with women. Years ago one man observing aside noted that I can’t handle women. Okay, I can’t handle women but to tell the reason for that to women… just to show one drawing.. they will be running scared away or start to “heal”. That femaly healing is don’t let religious women come too close. Told once to jehovan women don’t ya knock on my door. I’ve a blog post where I tell my encounters with a Pentecostal woman. At those moments I remember that lestadian diacon comforting my eastern orthodox grandma.

19.3. Finland flags for
writer and social activist

Minna Canth Day
Equality Day

Under stone are my deniers,

underground my depressors.

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Meeting two journalists at newspaper desk, telling them of yesterday’s emailing and of the classified decision sent to me via email by regional administration Office late January. The other woman started to wonder why that decision was labelled as classified, while decisions of that office usually are public. So now also this is under think tank cap. Reporter signed herself to make some fact finding over that classified decision while it was sent also to the city.

This is is one of a heck sprint, but if I now give up, telling women I’m sorry and putting my head into bush, so then I can say goodbye to my life.

20.03.19 Holy shit, newspaper reporter had yesterday acquired the decision from regional administration office and received it, and I have over month’s time thought it is a classified document, when in the email so read.

2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣3️⃣2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ 1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

Therapy session over, topics: neighbor woman, police talks, regional administration decision and the presence of this blog.

Holy shit how frustrated I am when realizing newspaper reporter got that regional administration decision just one phone call yesterday and I thought it to be classified document, which i could only once read via ssl Mail, not ought to be seen anyone else but me and city board, plus no contact whatsoever from the city board to me over that same decision also sent to City board. I’ve been … I have put my screws over big feet and those feet belong to female officials and politicians. and now im waiting how loud or quiet the City Board/Council is towards me in the coming weeks. My first counteract was that I asked monday city administration chief to take care of that city library headwoman will not send me emails anymore.

Heard that today is World Happiness Day

Finland ranked World’s happiest country 2019






Stick to the eye

who old things


Have to tweet this total crooked loser!

Neighbor lady came home yesterday after being away for two weeks

this ain’t any stalking, it just doctor noted me don’t destroy your health with neighbor lady and urged me to go meet male therapist and on Wednesday male therapist laughed at my commandress stories. At last I have courage to tell aloud what was the word lady got so upset that she started to yell in my living room and I asked her to leave and she went right to ring the doorbells of other occupants. That happened Early January. She’s been quiet now across the wall. Finally, but many times your interpretations are deceiving. No one can even stop Trump not to tweet anymore about a man who died half a year ago.


Giving up feeling

Interpretations deceived, raging female phone call voices heard through walls yesterday evening.

This was my life, now comes the after-effect of the first therapy session. Funny talking turns into sad feelings.

Want to close blog commenting., limited commenting to 100 days.

Emailed this blog post address to City council / welfare board on Thursday.

Want to close life, just a nuisance.

Last night dream over picking up berries from childhood cherry trees.

Been invited to a birthday party.

watch?v=NKvDTOA1Ez8 Failed to add YouTube video with iPad

Mun aika mennä on

Mun sydämeni tänne jää

Muisto vain jää

Don’t Leave Me This Way



TERVE!, greeted City mayor(male), when we met in the City street.


Not a single nod, while me and City welfare chiefess strolled between Citymarket food shop shelves


Omg, visiting parliament election stands, chatted with city welfare board chairman how differently mayor and welfare chiefess reacted while meeting me this week on town. On Christian Democrats’ stand a Pentecostal? woman whispered into my ear: “munista hirteen mies!” when I started to talk of that man everyone talks today in Finland.



Finally having courage to tell what was the words in January, which left me consulting the male therapist:


🔤 1️⃣2️⃣0️⃣4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ Hard Stress