After a happy around-the-clock birthday Party at weekend, risen on foot again. Talking relieves.


After flashback thinking last week what the heck am I doing with my non-meaning life, life goes on.. on Thursday city mayor greeted “HELLO!” on the street, on Saturday city welfare chiefess and I strolled between citymarket food shelves, not a single nod was shared.

I’ve drowned in a deep swamp, yesterday, first I talked with male therapist about my neighbor woman, this blog and politics, after that a city councilwoman invited me to coffee at her party candidate stand, I started to speak her about my conflicts with welfare chiefess and how mayor greeted me, it was a long discussion which I ended with embracing her.

Me drowned in a swamp?

What the hell am I talking?

6 thoughts on “Phoenix

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  2. Yesterday told one man I want to return two pairs of cotton socks neighbor woman knitted for me years ago, they are too small, the man said “don’t you ever do that, wanna new fight with the woman?, bring the socks to me to be burnt “. 🥵


  3. Today, visiting parliament election stands, chatted with city welfare board chairman how city mayor and welfare chiefess reacted when meeting me this week.


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