Free to Speak

Sananvapauden päivä – 3.5 – Freedom of Press Day

”what does it benefit you to talk publicly over matter (grandma sexual violence) like this?”

This question dating year 2007 by a newspaper editor-in-chief hovers over my head today while looking what I’ve talked since then.

I just wanted to publish something on Womens’ Day in his newspaper, the editor-in-chief blocked it arguing he has 30 years of experience in journalism and my advertisement was ”tendentious material from a small circuit”. Afterwards I silenced that man starting to tell him about my grandmother in his office. He backfired me starting to wonder what does it benefit.. I sent feedback from that incident to the ceo of that newspaper company.

Shortly after that I was drifted to the office of city welfare home service supervisor, She upset me with her notion “That’s unfortunate but what men do?”., when I told her too from my grandma. It’s ten years and I still haven’t forgotten that notion and never will.

That social worker woman had the chance to be sorry for her words but no, all she could admit was to give a written statement for the city council that she hasn’t said anything else but wished all good for the man in his life.

That got me fleeing into the net and still being there eight hours a day and more.

Now today I am dealing with two women, the one is aggressive neighbor and the other city welfare chief. The one told me I’m a crooked stalker and the latter told me at a mall “to you I still say stop stalking!”. I kept talking these incidents with police chief last August, and with two police officers this spring on the parliament election stands. All men, police chief laughed at my story telling you just leave female quirks in their own values, pc said city officials, they are public servants who have to stand for feedback, whether positive or negative. pc sgt adviced me to remember to exploit police force with my neighbor woman if necessary. Not to forget that city female official, subordinate to the city welfare chief, who got angry, asked me “are you threatening, go to a professional helper!”, and kicked me out of her office two years ago.

I just can’t handle women or is it the other way round that I can handle them. Men aren’t to be dictated by women.

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The reason why I strolled to discuss with the male newspaper-editor-in-chief in 2007 was another old lady in the house who yelled me years earlier at the stairs: now you little boy came to cunt(vittuilemaan) to wrong people!, when I mentioned her and her fiancée about one house rule, which the house manager later shared with me. Later it went to a police operation where officer asked me why I’m harassing old woman, at the same time police radio called we secure the homegoing of the woman. Police did nothing to me except asked us to the house manager office to settle our disagreements, the manager said there’a a problem how to get her in. Our disagreements went on to the house meeting where the old lady shouted several times that I’m a terrorist. I was shocked over that(not to mention others present). All the violent argument memories with my own grandma in my childhood jumped in and that was an explosion for me to start draw my childhood in pictures shown in this blog. The lady got ill and the city social service started to look after her.. and l stepped after one incident I n to the office of a female supervisor only to got upset there too. Furthermore the fiancée of the lady, World War II vet, continued his anger towards me, once he shouted me at the stairs: you the commander of Perkele I manage to the house of lunatics! Well, i reached the police over that, I was surprised when police officer said to me they know at the police station that ‘ever-young man’. Police called the vet and since then he’s been silent. Plus his son who the next day came with his father to ring my door bell and telling me: So you went to talk to the police?! We talked a while at the stairs, the son said okey, that was all, later I thought it was only fore speech we shared. We shook our hands, the vet squeezed my fingers they almost broke down.

Because of all mentioned above, I’m not afraid today of any kind of chiefs or officials or authorities or judges and juries, religious leaders or altrighters, not even the final pass-away.

There are six women I have silenced in this century with my childhood aspect, two neighbors, one social worker, two high ranking city officials, one city counselor. I can see panic in women’s eyes. Then there’s joy in some women’s eyes when they witness my doings. One woman I especially remember was a newspaper-editor-in-chief who gave me positive feedback over my childhood stories contrary to that male one. How about men? How have I treated them.

To be cont

One more press freedom case: it was another newspaper info desk at the City market square, editor-in-chief called readers to come and tell news subjects, I reached the man and told him I have this kind of story to tell for feature issue. Editor-in-chief got frightened ”not not in my newspaper this kind of stuff!”, left the market square and didn’t come back.

All this social catastrophe would have been avoided if I had committed suicide before this century.