Talk vs Stalk

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Stalking boy’s genitals
Sexual stalking by grandmother


Grandson ‘vanished’ during village police visit

Difficulty talking with people versus stalking them? Question activated with childhood memories after neighbor woman accused me ‘a crooked stalker’ at the house meeting and the female city welfare chief came to tell me at a mall “stop stalking”.

Do I talk , do I stalk?

Who talked and stalked when I was young?

Wanting to talk together with these two women so rude towards me, but they certainly will rule out such a meeting so I talk with a male therapeutist to whom third woman, a city servant, asked me to go when I went to talk to her my citizen feedback. Then there’s fourth woman, a newspaper reporter, who greeted me last week on the street and I now don’t have any idea what to talk with her. She knows too much of my intercourses with those three women mentioned above. Plus my survivor story and this blog.

Talk or stalk?

Punished and vanished by women?

Walk away or talk again?

Who’s silent today and who’s loud?

Naisten kälätystarpeistoa älköön yksikään mies kahlitko, taikka mies on leimattu mies?

No matter where you look at from, survister has a problem which won’t ever be settled. Next year there will be another Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. And some #metoos too. Ten years ago city home service supervisor told me ‘it’s unfortunate, but what men do?”, when I told her about my grandma. That notion I haven’t forgotten, largely because that woman never apologied her saying, instead in written memo admitted she only wished all good for man’s life.

Life is.

10.14 am OH MY GOD!

Left for town, there came a male City servant , who challenged my today’s survivor mission . Had to return back home to talk to the walls!!

Lots of talking going on, this is the post number 260

This ain’t the best way to react but determined to stay inside four walls rest of this day.

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OMG 10 pm,

it actualisized, all the day after noon at home inside walls and on the net:

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