Help I Need Some Help

How to cope with personal accidents?


Calling ambulance to a remote place after crushing arm two weeks ago. Did I have need to call 112 or should I have travelled by mysellf to emergency room in the middle at night? Having a copy of the ems form. Thanked ems personal when departed. Opioid pain relief in the ER. Next RTG time nineth of July. Constant pain woke up at two’o’clock. Night eating, now blood sugar in heaven.


Strange feeling came up I was in vain misusing ems. Wrote earlier here in Finnish I had the feeling I had a chance to put an end to my life instead missing that opportunity while I didn’t fall from the boat while shoring it. With one hand I wouldn’t have managed myself on dry land. But somehow I did to get on land, sitting there in the shore water quarter of hour how to get up. Last year a tick attack at the same area caused an antibiotic treatment. Borreliosis test was made on March. It was negative.

Treatment centered now on shoulder, now feeling elbow is also some sort of damged. After having recently so negative relations with women it was delighting to meet a very compassive elderly female nurse taking care of me. Waiting to see her next time.

Edit July 3, 2019

3 am, Elbow checked yesterday, no fracture, had to check it because of constant pain. Arcoxia prescription.

Edit July 6, 2019

First night in three weeks without pain interrupting sleep at 2.o.clock

🆙 Jul 13, 2019

Shoulder check up was on Tuesday, no need to surgery nor physio therapy. Constant pain prevails though. It was a weekend four weeks ago, on Saturday neighbor lady asked are you going to women? I replied just think about it the whole weekend!, she answered I’ll think about that! Then on Sunday guest house lady angrily shouted at me You’re burning my sauna!, when the sauna temperature reached 70 degrees. On Monday morning a female nurse at the emergency room commented You arrive from place X and there those drugs. I was sober and no drug test was taken by ems after I called 112 at midnight, I was so confused of that comment I told that last Tuesday to the ER senior PhD and he promised to me that he’ll talk with that female nurse. He told also to me not to pay too much attention to that comment. One guy told me I just made trouble in future care by women while reporting that comment to superiors.

One guy

Three women and three hits on one weekend. Am I too sensitive as a man to react on behaviors of those three women? One wanted to know where I’ll go, second suspected I’m a pyromaniac, third related me to drug use.