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Brittany Zamoral

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Lady of the Day

ln Finland this kind of child molestation will be prosedured outof public, police investigation material and court decision sealed for 60 years, only the sentence lenght will be publisized due to protect the underage victim’s privacy.


Finland is heading for parliamentary election in April, candidates circling here and there. At the city square one of them reaches for me, my attention goes to her profession, asking her whether name Brittany Zamora is known to her and she admits, I told her grandma, Our chatting ends with the candidate clapping my arm. Feeling she knew me. Awkward situation but won’t be the last before the votes are cast. activated in commenting at



Updating from March 1, 2019 Jul 13, 2019

Ex-Arizona teacher sentenced to 20 years for molesting teenage student

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2 replies

  1. Women don’t molest boys, aint so?

    Don’t add picture of teacher here.

    Nor the one of boy.

    Story continues in court.


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