Complete Social Catastrophy

This week is a complete social catastrophy concerning the relations between me and my neighbor woman, the matter circling between police, newspaper, health service and City council. I write all that up in a private post.

It doesn’t bother,

if some one offends you,

but how things are sorted out.

Neighbor woman called me two months ago a fucking houselord and that’s something I should as a man receive calmly and be silent versus sort it out and speak out. Neighbor woman doesn’t want to sort it out so I have spoken out.


Now there’s a women’s league against me in the house, a narcissist old lady and her 80 years old neighbor fellow lady. House chairman says this quarrel ain’t a house matter and I’m not allowed to go to police. Just calming the situation by means that I calm. Police already asked me why I’m not allowed. So I sort out my male feelings here,

06.10.2019 update

Having struggled with feelings, following narcissist Trump’s awkward defense words, he hasn’t done any wrong and blaming others with awkward words remind and collect my feelings towards my neighbor woman. This week I met her, asking her what the police said, she speechessly turned her sight away, told her don’t ya criticize me not greeting you. Then she started to criticize me of listening music too loud, she even heard a song which I dont have.(karitapio olen suomalainen)After years listening her raging drunken phone calls through walls, I was in turn blamed for too loud music I listened this fall trying to meditate my feelings up in my “getting cut relation to narcissist woman and the shock feelings it created in my mind. She told Thursday she’s leaving for country so I can continue to listen music loud. She didn’t tell ‘don’t disturb others” a narcissist worries only own hearings.

I’ve been, I was asked this week how does it feel when everybody tells you don’t do that, don’t say that, don’t call police, don’t call house manager, just don’t do anything. Why did you reach her this week, well I neede to know the simplest question whether police had contacted her, I received the answer when she numbed instead of asking ‘what police, where?) I answered everyone is abusing my rights of just beings. Just because nobody can’t figure out what it is to live next to an aggressive narcissist woman.

Sticking the post.