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home Board for a good survivor I trust myself and my survivor skills I won’t stay prisoner of crisis forever I have courage to make decisions and painful solutions I release my feelings I learn to make choices Everybody will be hurt in life. Difficulties and aren’t the end of life but you can survive… Read More Home Board

Bullying (Updated 22.2.20)

https://www.iltalehti.fi/perheartikkelit/a/3906d07e-1bf3-4884-8967-91695d01ba1e m 06.02.2020 Iltalehti.fi Hymyn takana helvetti Helena Jouppila, Sanna Wallenius: Neloset – Jouppilan sisarusten tarina ISBN 1950-luvulla syntyneiden Jouppilan nelosten elämää seurattiin syntymän jälkeen tarkasti. Tuore kirja paljastaa kuitenkin kulissien takaisen perhehelvetin. PERHEPERHEARTIKKELIT Iltalehti.fi 09.02.2020 Ilman yhtään ystävää PERHEPERHEARTIKKELIT Did I have friends at school? NO Was I bullied at school? YES Was I… Read More Bullying (Updated 22.2.20)

Topic Narcissism (Update March 14)

https://www.survister.com/narcissism-narcissism/ 12.01.2020 14.01.2020 To go on, I need strenghtening thoughts 15.01.2020 A complete silence reached behind walls. It was the first police patrol in 2018 who asked me how old the woman is, after telling her age, police asked whether she has dementia, which could prevail her aggressiveness, I doubted that. Now, after police “joked”… Read More Topic Narcissism (Update March 14)