Chatting Café News (update March 14)

Life goes on thursday 9, 2020

4 thoughts on “Chatting Café News (update March 14)

  1. Can’t believe New year started with this kind of Fire-works which bring back the memories I started to comment on Iltalehti keskustelufoorumi and now turning into censorship by right-wing moderation of a discussion site.


    1. Thank god there’s still plus where to comment on daily basis. Thats my destinu when reason and consequences. Grandma verbal incest plus narcissist neighbor woman today. Today you only hear coughing from neighbor apartment versus last years hour longs raging. health organisation ended my reason and consequences therapy via cell phone text message in november and police ”blamed” me of the worst possible mistake. Jumping off a narcissist woman’s toboggan.
      But because of all these, I feel fine, like a fenix jumping to fly off . Just thinking to bring a rosebud plus thanking card to the local police station for listening and mental briefing by policemen for a couple of years.


      1. What’s that mistake, detective inspector mentioned, and how I figure it as reason and consequences? What’s between that saying and the cancelling of the therapy meeting? I had on august agreed a therapy meeting for Jan 7, I wanted to chat about the detective inspector saying before that so managed an acute meeting time for November 25, however the therapist cancelledthat via phone text message, telling he’s gonna contact on December, nothings been contacted, nor came any reminder message I have a meeting this week Tuesday, still a went to the therapy place no one received. Left the place without wanting to know what’s going on. I’ve been asked do you handle without, I said yes, but.. i wait call from diabetes nurse this month.
        What about if someone pushed the health organization to cancel my therapy? Many instances would like to do that. Neihgbor woman, years heard her saying nothing to phone, now she has added one word to her idiom: nothing urgency...
        Today went to my regular mall, there’s an info tag telling is organizing a course for victims of narcissists.


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