Clashes with Neighbor Lady


on thursday last week words were flying between me and neighbor lady, on friday we met on the yard, no hellos greeted. Again the main point from lady was, why can’t we just be like once before and my point is our love has gone forever. That angers her. Thats something a narcissist can’t handle. Lady made on thursday a judgement error which I noticed and she started to lie and went on to blame me of lying just because a narcissist never admits her/his errors. And then came insulting words. And then the lady demanded the house chairman and another old woman + 80 years for a meeting at her home, while the Corona Keep Distance Orders for elderly, to discuss my bad behavior. I wasn’t invited for that meeting but I heard of that meeting advance cause I was at present when she called the house chairman. Now when terracces are open again , laughing has emerged when I’ve told this latest incident to friends.


Clash escalating, now a young male tenant at the house started to advice me how old ladies must be treated and how I have to inspect my own behavior. He Told that in the way only source of information could have come from the neighbor lady. It wouldnt have been the first time lady chatted with young male tenants against me. One incident years ago in the stairs. Second in the balcony.

everything In my mind circles around my own grandma’s and Trump’s Narcissistic verbally aggressive behavior in the relation between me and my nearly 80 years old neighbor lady of today. Trump gives me comparison to understand my deceased grandma’s and the neighbor woman’s behaviors.

Vihainen nainen – hyvä paha agressio ISBN 9789522889218

I have been getting advice from police and social workers.

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I’m still confused and isolated in my home, while getting advice from police to contact social instance, social workers adviced me to be in contact with police and 112 doesn’t react while fist and blood don’t fly, police say this is even difficult for them to involve, another social work unit gives me advice to do this and that and now neighbor lady again vanished for her countryside hideaway cottage home or whatsoever place. Peace and calm in the house now, but when she comes back, first assignment for her is to visit a 80 years old woman to chat with her what’s happened in the house during her absence. And how about the young male tenant whom she last week praised being the kindest person in the house who cleans her home and such stuff baking him biscuits. How he came to keep a lecture to me. I have told police you might need riot stuff if you come to referee us because Of her aggressiveness. So last week she approached me on the yard asking why can’t we be like before, I raised my hands and said “stop, police has adviced me to keep distance to you”, so she instantly replied “Is police coming here? I’ll make coffee to them and offer them some biscuits” . Holy Moses, told to my laughing friends on the keep distance terrace “I should’ve asked her do you offer coffee and biscuits also to female police officers”. But I’m not very good on small talk so the question was never asked. I just stunned and numbed. She’s so impulsive woman and I, I just get nervous in front of her. To figure out my feelings, the answers I can find from Gregory Zaffuto’s blog and Facebook account.

this is some kind of cry or laugh reality show situation, I don’t wanna this to go on anymore so I took yesterday a move, the results of that move can be seen during the coming weeks.

⏱ 2 pm

holy moses, again chatting with a police patrol, male and female constables, at the city square. I was assaulted, head in blood, a nesting crow hit my head with his/her beak while I was biking. Male constable noted that biking helmet would have saved my head, we all three laughed loudly, again, I missed to answer to him you’re such a man with humor. Now I have to go to by a new helmet. However a ‘save my day’ incident.


juhannus 20.06.2020

Did what man has to do

on the way to sovittelutoimisto meeting

update July 9

Read an article in topiced domestic violence. Approach again via female experience. As a man I reacted in my own way.

and the world’s second dangerous man is..

July 7, 2020

I’ve been trumped. Neighbor elderly lady refused to attend meeting prosess in the Mediation Office lead by professional mediators after I made an initiative for such a meeting one month ago. It’s time for thelady to keep her mouth shut from now on with her allies whoever they might be.

July 15, 2020

August 8, 2020

Consequences have been raised over neighbor lady’s refusal for official mediation.

October 2021

Updating with adding a post address Consequencies