Positive New Year 2021


The whole year 2020 was marked with negative narsissistic related incidents, even now on last days of the passing year, media reminded me of that with an article plus meeting the neighbor woman in the stairs, she walked on the walls watching away while seeing me, I wished her Happy New year. ”Same”, she replies. Already been critizised I was supposedto say her not a single word. And Trump, everybody can see how he rages in the White House.

edit Jan 4, 2021 it’s third day in a row, lady’s been quiet at her home, something, which I know but don’t reveal here, happened last week

Wishing Happy New Year … Thanks to all the readers visited this site this year!

Some year 2020 pics to be remembered:

Corona Xmas 2020

while heading up for Christmas 2020 looking for past year first impression question comes with a question how to react neighbor woman’s aggressive behavior to watch how I reacted to it I thought as told in earlier posts I’ve published throughout the year conversations With police constables how to face that woman behave friendly towards neighbor without shouting whatso ever watch her ever what’s up bro whatsoever stupid con to be continued throughout to remaining yeah year year year Siri writing my speech it’s quiet in the house wired wired wired wire wire to ready to Rady trading lady is absent no raging talk streaming from their house through through to house to house to house to house to house tour house tour house tour house tour house tour house to house to house to house TH GHETTHE house corner corner corner corner corner corner corner corner see Paul CORONA corona corona keeping distance distance Who is with no outside activity injure injure inter-inter-inter-inter-guarantee guarantee guarantee like far away next yearPerhaps enter summer to be over

Dec 21, 2020

so thats the way Siri wrote my speech, nevermind, no interest to correct the text

Winter Solstice Dec 21

Darkest day of the year, plus 4 degrees, cloudy, rain


gone are the days when one meter snow and minus 20 on xmas week

Dec 22, 2020


Roope Konttila, 19, ei juuri puhu, mutta Discordissa hän avautuu – vasta korona opetti löytämään opiskelijat, jotka haluavat jutella

Mulla on siitä asti, ku mä alotin alakoulun, ollu ongelmia kommunikoinnin kanssa. Sit viime vuonna huomattiin, että mulla esiintyy mutismia. Se on vaikuttanu koulunkäyntiin sillein, että mä en oikeen osaa pyytää apua, niin kaikki etenee aika hitaasti. Mulla on todella suuri pelko, miten mä tuun selviämään tulevaisuudessa, sitku pitäis itsenäisesti alkaa elämään.

Tilanteissa, missä on ihmisiä, keitä mä en tunne, tulee sellanen outo lukitus päälle. Vaikka mä kuinka yrittäisin, niin mä en vaan saa sanaa suusta.