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Corona Xmas 2020

while heading up for Christmas 2020 looking for past year first impression question comes with a question how to react neighbor woman’s aggressive behavior to watch how I reacted to it I thought as told in earlier posts I’ve published throughout the year conversations With police constables how to face that woman behave friendly towards neighbor without shouting whatso ever watch her ever what’s up bro whatsoever stupid con to be continued throughout to remaining yeah year year year Siri writing my speech it’s quiet in the house wired wired wired wire wire to ready to Rady trading lady is absent no raging talk streaming from their house through through to house to house to house to house to house tour house tour house tour house tour house tour house to house to house to house TH GHETTHE house corner corner corner corner corner corner corner corner see Paul CORONA corona corona keeping distance distance Who is with no outside activity injure injure inter-inter-inter-inter-guarantee guarantee guarantee like far away next yearPerhaps enter summer to be over

Dec 21, 2020

so thats the way Siri wrote my speech, nevermind, no interest to correct the text

Winter Solstice Dec 21

Darkest day of the year, plus 4 degrees, cloudy, rain


gone are the days when one meter snow and minus 20 on xmas week

Dec 22, 2020

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