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July 31, 2021 01.20

It’ never been diagnosed, but I was autistic in my childhood teen age and early adulthood years. I couldnt Express myself, I was afraid of people, had no friends, argued with brothers, shamed my father, headed to sexually abusive relationship with my grandma towards me, ridiculed by schoolmates, numbing my feelings, lost religious faith, army was a place where all that said came alive in the barracks life and commander line, total disaster in all aspects. Knowing nothing, nobody told, about army system I just surfed unintentionally through eleven months in the brigade.

Yet experts may say those symptons mentioned above aren’t diagnoses for autism.

come to this day, lifes been a misterbeanlike rollercoaster, this blog has been a lifesaving journey but for what? Yesterday updated earlier post, in which I reveal my latest social catastroph with a neighbor woman, who seems to be my opposite in social verbalskills. Ive isolated myself totally out of City life and condo living. Just focuson focusing on net conversation sites, where ive been mercylessly beaten hated for my

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