Good Anger

Heli Pruuki is the only professional person who has emailed back to me about the contents of this blog a few years ago when i emailed her about the her book Angry Woman, good bad agression and how the book reflects all the bad behavior I’ve faced.


Sunday 28, Nov

Oh my god, woke up at 10:30 on sunday morning and neighbor lady at home! Quietly living behind the walls! Is it now the moment an 80 years old woman finally realizes she can’t reign the world? the best thing she no longer abuses the other 80 years old woman in the house as a caregiver to her narcissistic ambitions. Or I just miss the point. anyway i’m very pleased over the changing the house manager from woman to man in the summer. the earlier female house manager told me I can call her and the new male house manager mailed me satisfaction while i mailed my version what’s going on to him.