What Is Life

After realising everything is done with that neighbor woman who just … do I give up everything while the nature is heading for a new summer. Haven’t cleaned up the house but once this year, cotton dogs everwhere, kitchen is like a garbage storage. “if you have problems with your neighor, those things dont belong here”, chatted a female nurse back to me when i tried to contact health service after once again neighor woman insulted with words , so i reacted, the house chairman and the manager about my grandma plus that im blogging plus police supervisors diagnosis ” you have made the biggest possible mistake, you have jumped off a narcissist’s toboggan”. there is a slogan run when you see a narcissist before its too late, i haven’t run.


New tenant arrived, met at the stairs, i said ’welcome(into the house)’ to him and he thanked.

cont… A curse following me, desided to go for lunch to cheer up, left my jacket with sunglasses in the pocket on the restaurant rack, while leaving lunch, sunglasses were gone.

Six hours later holy shit! There’s a back pocket in my new jacket and sunglasses there 🕶