International Women’s Day 2023

And I’m devastated. Again.

Discussed this week with three men, one field operations police supervisor and two former newspaper editors-in-chief, informed this to my male house chairman. Female tenant told me month ago that my neighbor 80years old mummy has visited them (mostly drunken) and has told them stories about me which they just can’t believe. She invited me to visit her after she was carrying with her companion that lady home at the stairs and I realized oops she’s s drunk again. Told the tenant and her companion Call the ambulance! And they called . Three promilles. Up till last Year that woman was in the house council. It was ptsd again for me backing memories from my childhood when I had a quarrel(s) with my grandma , she yelled at me shoot me, shoot me!, and next day came home and told my parents: I told at the church elders’ social club, that boy threatened to shoot me!, my parents were silent so Did I. No one defended me but obviously rumors circled was that true. . The club was run by the local church and headed by a lestadian diacon. Holy shit my feelings today when I …. Those fucking gossiping female armies attacking innocent men. Have to euthanize myself to find peace.

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