Family Rape

June 13, 2022

Drawing originating from 2006, edited 2022

Due to constant verbal agressions from my current 80 years old neighbor grandmother, things got to this point, me flashbacking my childhood PTDS traumas, since the house chairman refused to see the consequences of this kind of behavior between neighbors, when old lady shoutin you’re paranoid alcoholist, fucking houselord, wicked stalker, you’re sick, go to therapy!, situations exploding just because i tell my opinion of some house practices and the lady can’t accept different aspects from other people. Furthermore earlier told me that with a selective memory you can reach far in your life, like forgetting all the words she’s shot at me, told in my earlier posts and didn’t react swiftly enough, plus social service, police, health service telling me for years this is unfortunate situation but that they don’t have the tools to interfere this, so this week just opened my mouth first time of that drawing dating year 2006 and told the house chairman and the house manager , both men standing in my home checking whether i’ve cleaned my home as demanded, and social service worker and acute health care worker, both women. social service worker just terrified of my story when i visited her personally due to a worry report which was sent to the social service, the acute health nurse had documented our phone meeting in my omakanta files.

The feeling neighor woman acts like my grandmother and the house chairman tries to calm this situation like my father. My mother once told that her husband noted let’s cope a little more, she’ll pass away soon, well, she passed away after traumatized grandson. and now came another grandmother who spilled out all my childhood traumas. And now all this been made public while the motto goes Keep it all secrets in the family. Just like the house chairman enthusiastly told me while visiting last week: ’you go around the city telling house matters..’.

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June 15, 2022